Aalpha Information Systems named Best Software Development Company

October 28: Aalpha Information Systems named one of the top clutch software development companies, the company has played an incredible role in providing its best technology solutions around the world. Aalpha Information systems, an ISO certified company, offers a number of technology services such as web, software and mobile application development, blockchain development services and many more.

As a leading software development company in Bangalore, Aalpha Information Systems have dedicatedly built valuable products that have helped a large number of industries run their businesses smoothly without any obstacles at the time. of the pandemic. Aalpha Information Systems has created a remote working tool called Wurkr, a SaaS product that enables companies to manage a productive corporate culture as well as foster easy collaboration in the remote environment. In other words, Wurkr is a virtual office that allows businesses to work remotely from anywhere in the world. This remote working tool has helped a large number of businesses stay connected and work more productively.

This SaaS-based remote working tool has changed the way of working remotely and has grown considerably. In addition, he has shown incredible potential in the market and got a good investment from several known VCs in the market.

Apart from that, in these uncertain times of the covid-19 pandemic, Aalpha Information Systems have been helping the Indian Medical Association (IMA) with its top notch health solutions. To make medical services more available, instantly accessible and more affordable. Aalpha Information Systems built Instaclinix, which is a next generation telemedicine solution that offers instant and easy use with several important features such as queue management, instant video viewing, as well as support unique for physicians. More importantly, one of the main goals of Instaclinix is ​​to improve the quality of life for patients and reduce the cost of healthcare.

Along with high value technology solutions, over the past 15+ years, Aalpha Information Systems have developed several other software products that have positively impacted many businesses around the world. Considering this hard work and efforts in these difficult times, Aalpha Information Systems have played a fantastic role in helping businesses around the world and have gained a huge reputation in the market.

Founded by visionary entrepreneur, Pawan Pawar said, “Aalpha’s Information Systems team includes skilled and talented professionals to deliver excellence with all of its best-in-class IT solutions. “

He added, “At Aalpha, we understand customer requirements very precisely before we start to create best-in-class solutions with modern technologies.
Finally, if you have a problem-solving idea that changes people’s lives and industries, you can easily connect them at [email protected] to get a free consultation from top professionals.

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