ABL Expands Energy Yield Assessment Team with Senior Solar PV Consultant

ABL Group Expands Energy Yield Assessment Team with Senior Solar Photovoltaic Consultant

The ABL group in renewable energies has recently reinforced its service offer in energy yield assessment for solar photovoltaic with the addition of a very experienced solar photovoltaic specialist, Daniel Ruiz as a principal consultant.

Energy yield or resource assessment modeling is an essential part of determining the potential energy capacity of a planned power plant, whether it comes from solar photovoltaic, wind or other energy source. energy. The results of which play an important role in predicting the results of a planned project.

“Energy yield assessments remain a cornerstone of renewable energy consulting and remain a critical step in any project investment. In recent years there has been some commoditization of the range of services. However, at ABL Group , we believe this will continue to be a high-skill role that requires increasingly sophisticated skills in order to successfully manage risks that can prove fatal to lenders and investors alike.

As solar PV continues its rapid growth trajectory, Daniel’s appointment reflects our commitment to building this internal specialist skill set to support the financial community in supporting solar energy while mitigating financial risk from the outset. »

Richard Abrams, Director of Onshore Renewables at ABL Group

Ruiz is a civil engineer with over 10 years of experience in the assessment, evaluation, design, specification and construction review of a variety of linear infrastructure, renewable energy and environmental engineering.

Through a number of major solar projects and portfolios, he has gained valuable experience on PV performance and generation analysis, estimating the theoretical yield of over 10 GWp of greenfield sites using software of PV system and developing internal tools, as well as evaluating more than 2.5 GWp. of operational data in more than 25 countries on six continents.

Daniel has also performed regular due diligence and site inspection services and applied his knowledge and experience to the quality assurance process and technical R&D, becoming a driving force behind process and methodology development to assess current and emerging technologies.

In his new role, Ruiz joins ABL Group’s growing Solar PV Consulting and Engineering team, which offers a range of independent engineering services to support throughout the development cycle of onshore and floating solar PV power plants. . He will be responsible for leading the ABL Group’s technical due diligence and energy yield analysis capabilities for solar PV projects in the UK and across the group’s extensive global footprint.

“I’m really excited to add to the ABL Group’s solar PV expertise, as well as add to the group’s specialist offering in energy yield assessment and resource modeling for not just solar PV, but also for wind, wave and tidal energy.ABL Group has a strong portfolio to support the development of solar energy in a number of countries around the world, thanks to the leading R&D and engineering of its sister company Innosea in floating solar, and combined with the group’s onshore experience.

“I look forward to actively contributing to the overall success of the group.”

Daniel Ruiz, Senior Energy Efficiency Assessment and Solar PV Consultant

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