Antares Vision Group Improves Global Tracking System Software

Antares Vision Group, a global provider of Track & Trace hardware and software solutions and intelligent data management and inspection systems, has made a series of enhancements to its Global Tracking System software. The new version offers enhanced Data Integrity Protection (DIP) and integrates more easily with off-brand Tier 1 and Tier 2 serialization equipment.

Antares Vision Group’s global tracking system is at the heart of various products that make up the company’s portfolio of track and trace solutions. Running on a server, its main function is to allocate work orders to production lines. Once production has started, AV Group GTS receives data from all lines along with statistics, serialized codes and audit trails. This information is stored in the site’s database, where it can be accessed through the GTS user interface.

GTS is capable of operating both on premise and via the cloud, the system manages product recipes, associates print layouts and assimilates camera formats based on specific products. With virtually no lot size limits, it oversees serialization rules in accordance with all applicable global regulations (sequential, alphanumeric, random, etc.). It can also store multiple recipes per production line, an advantage for companies serving countries with disparate track and trace regulations.

Depending on customer needs, AV Group GTS can receive Tier 4 serialization numbers or locally generate Tier 4 independent serial number pools. The system can communicate with multiple Tier 4-5 cloud systems, which makes it capable of interfacing with both internal systems. brand owners and external contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).

Upon receipt of production data from an enterprise resource planning system, AV Group GTS seamlessly allocates work orders to production lines. Using a centralized configuration repository for all line equipment, it also allows data to be manually loaded from other applications if required. At the end of a work order, AV Group GTS sends the production data and statistics back to the ERP.

Quality control is simplified with complete separation between Tier 2 and Tier 3 configurations and the ability to run on two different software versions. According to the company, recipe management with configuration information on all lines for PLC, vision system and printer information helps to reduce production changeover time and reduce waste due to human errors during manual change.

Additionally, AV Group GTS’s centralized storage helps ensure consistency across all production lines, providing recipe data change control management and simplifying label management and validation.

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