ARA receives the ARC4 software contract

Applied Research Associates (ARA) was awarded a sole-source contract in January to integrate its advanced augmented reality, command, control, communication and coordination (ARC4) software into vision systems and device displays. current and future vision of the US military.

Ground combat operations depend on acquiring and maintaining situational awareness of the terrain, friendly troops, control measures, weapon systems and enemy forces. Existing tools require soldiers to access data on smartphones and tablets in a head-down position, which distracts them from close combat tasks, potentially compromising security.

ARC4 provides assistance to the user by enabling them to acquire time-critical geospatial information with their head held high and eyes riveted on the environment, displaying geo-recorded icons overlaid on the soldier’s real-world view. ARC4 allows teams to perform tasks with great awareness of their environment, in close coordination with each other, with increased safety and speed.

ARC4 software integrates with a variety of hardware vision systems and runs on a variety of computing platforms including Windows, Linux, and Android. ARC4 integrates with existing C2 utilities including TAK and Nett Warrior.

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