Consulting firm Tryon Solutions creates software and services group as an independent company

RALEIGH- Tryon Solutions, a Raleigh-based supply chain consulting firm, is launching a new venture, Cycle Labs, which will operate as an independent software and services company.

The new company will market and deliver technology known as Cycle Automation, an automated testing platform currently used by select Fortune 500 companies, focus on modernizing enterprise software deployment and helping companies innovate , according to a statement released by the company earlier this month. .

Image from Cycle Labs website.

“The combination of Cycle platform technology and a global network of partners makes Cycle Labs the best option for enabling organizations to innovate, accelerate change and accelerate digital transformation,” said said Josh Owen, co-founder and CEO of Cycle Labs, in a declaration.

The decision to spin the company off was a “duplication” of the company’s mission to leverage modern tools and practices with the company’s technology solutions, Owen said.

Tryon Solutions holds a patent on its automation technology, according to the company’s website. The company says the technology and software are easy to use for all stakeholders in an organization, enabling business process experts from a wide range of technical backgrounds to create and perform tests by recording actions. desktop or terminal users.

Companies use the technology to validate the system, perform acceptance or regression testing, provide user training and complete process documentation, as well as other uses, according to the company’s website. The platform provides HTML reports that can display the activity that occurred while running a test, indicates the company’s website, and it can also be sent directly through a summary report by E-mail.

The company last updated its software in April 2021, with the release of Round 2.8.

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