Croatian start-up Green Energy Pal is developing an “energy consultant”

November 15, 2022 – Croatian startup Green Energy Pal has taken the energy crisis into its own hands and developed something that will help individuals and businesses reduce their electricity bills.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Josipa Ban writes, reducing energy costs due to the current energy crisis is a priority for households and businesses. However, it is almost impossible to achieve savings, or energy efficiency, without undertaking a proper analysis of your consumption.

Ivan Pavic, one of the members of the Croatian startup Green Energy Pal, explains that while energy efficiency is talked about a lot, most people do not know how to increase theirs properly and concretely.

“The reason lies in the fact that they have not solved the basic prerequisite, that is, they do not know when they spend the most, how much it is and which devices cause this consumption. If we do not know that, how to plan the actions that will have the greatest effects, and with the least investment, and which will then result in a reduction in consumption, and therefore in the electricity bill?”s asks Pavic.

Guided by this problem, four FER colleagues – Ivan Pavic, Domagoj Badanjak, Alen Hrga and Ivan Sudic – developed Enpulse. It is, as Pavic explained, a private energy consultant who explains to users in a simple way how to achieve greater energy efficiency and how to reduce their electricity bills.

The reality that their idea and product which they have worked on for 18 months to develop has great potential was also demonstrated by the fact that they were declared the best in the competition of startups from four countries in the region at the BASF competition. Adriatic. With this, they entered the grand final of the BASF Innovation Hub 2022 as one of the six best solutions in the field of sustainability in all of Central and Eastern Europe. This recognition, as expected, means a lot to them, and for several reasons.

“Firstly, the expert jury, with excellent comments and questions, drew our attention to the segments of the product and its presentation that we need to work on more. Secondly, we have gained recognition, which contributes to better marketing and better acquisition of new customers, and in the end, the monetary reward we received is very useful to us,” said Pavic, a member of the team of the Croatian startup Green Energy Pal.

However, there is still a lot of work ahead of the team developing their private energy consultant consisting of three parts (an on-site electricity meter, a backend system that stores data, and the user interface) in their spare time. Pavic explained that they have set themselves three goals: to increase the number of users, to extend the functionalities of Enpulse and to attract investment.

“Increasing the number of users gives us financial support and allows us to develop new product features. Namely, a good part of our background tools are based on big data analysis and algorithms of artificial intelligence (AI), which also require a lot of data. In other words, without new users and data, we can’t even develop new features,” Pavic noted.

In addition to all of the above, to continue their growth and development, they will need a financial injection, so their plan is to find an investor. “We need an investment to be able to devote ourselves fully to product development and to employ experts from various fields of IT, AI development, energy, sales and marketing,” they said. they announced from the Croatian startup Green Energy Pal.

The reactions to the product so far, which has only been on the market for a few months, are very positive. “Current users in the household category are very satisfied with the product,” said Pavic, adding that although their target user group is both businesses and households, they still favor businesses.

“SMEs have significant energy costs, often representing 10-30% of their total costs. However, these costs are not so high that they require in-depth analyzes by energy experts and consultants. This is precisely why we are developing a “digital energy consultant” who can advise on increasing energy efficiency at very low cost. Our idea is that the investment in hardware companies is amortized in one or more months, and that the monthly software subscription represents only a small part of the savings made with our product,” Pavic noted, adding that the use of their product in households is even less profitable than in businesses.

It is worth mentioning that it is one of the few startups that actually benefited from the energy crisis, even though they did not foresee such a development when they started developing their product.

“We now have more open potential collaborations with different companies. We assume that the demand for our product will increase significantly,” Pavic concluded.

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