Custom Connect signs support software contract with OTRS Business Solution

Dutch global connectivity specialist Custom Connect BV uses OTRS Business Solution â„¢ customer support software

It works like a regular email client, very intuitive. You know exactly which tickets are open, you have a good overview of what’s in your inbox and the priorities are clear.

OTRS Group, the world’s leading provider of open source software and cloud-based service management software solutions, today announces the acquisition of Dutch specialist in global connectivity Custom Connect BV as a new customer. With global offices and a demanding client base ranging from Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups, the operational connectivity specialist was looking for customer support software that offered high standards and great flexibility. OTRS Business Solution open source customer support software was chosen for its flexible software architecture, easy integration, on-premise hosting and non-seat based licensing.

Ton Blok, Senior Engineer at Custom Connect BV, explains the benefits that OTRS Business Solution brings to the customer support and engineering team: “It works like a regular email client, very intuitive. You know exactly which tickets are open, you have a good overview of what’s in your inbox and the priorities are clear. The graph in the dashboard that shows the number of open and closed tickets measured against each other is displayed on a big screen in our office and really boosts our motivation! ”

Custom Connect BV launched its in-house customer support team in February 2016 and needed effective customer support software to further improve the transparency and efficiency of customer communication. Together with its team, Custom Connect BV processes between 130 and 3,000 tickets per week and provides support services to customers and suppliers. A partner company demonstrated to the team the flexibility of the OTRS business solution.

“We wanted to host the system ourselves so that we could integrate it more independently with our own systems. With the open software architecture of the OTRS enterprise solution, this is easily done by adding our code. Based on this, we plan to integrate it with Salesforce to give our customers a familiar customer portal where they see their support requests, contracts and services at a glance. And we’re just starting to explore the system! explains Blok. Due to the flexibility of the system and the efficient licensing model, Custom Connect BV plans to deploy OTRS Business Solution in other departments.

“In today’s competitive environment, businesses and their customer support must react quickly to changing needs, whether in terms of staff sizes or how customer support software delivers new features to improve efficiency, ”said Christopher Kuhn, OTRS Group COO. “By offering a non-seat-based licensing model, a comprehensive set of features and plenty of configuration options, the OTRS enterprise solution is the ideal customer support software that helps businesses grow quickly, stay flexible. and save on unnecessary licensing costs. “

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