DGTL Holdings Inc signs new software services agreement with international advocacy organization for its Hashoff platform


DGTL said the contract is a key new account to add to Hashoff’s customer base while expanding their global footprint

DGTL Holdings Inc has entered into a new software services agreement with an international customer for its Hashoff 2.0 product.

The New York-based technology holding company said the client, a leading advocacy organization, will spend $ 250,000 on a month-long global campaign that leverages Hashoff’s video apps.

In a statement, DGTL said the contract is a key new account to add to Hashoff’s customer base while expanding its global footprint.

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Hashoff is an enterprise-level self-service CaaS (content as a service) based on proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

According to the company, it secured the contract through a strategic collaboration with a digital marketing agency, a leading demand-side platform provider with offices across North America and global content distribution capabilities.

“This is a first major new customer for Hashoff 2.0. We have seen significant results from past public service and education campaigns in the healthcare category, and we look forward to similar performance for this. new global customer, ”Hashoff CEO Charlie Thomas told investors. .

“Management is pleased with the positive market response to the new Hashoff 2.0 platform, which is now fully self-service, compatible with TikTok and capable of converting social content into programmatic web ads for DSP distribution.”

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