DO-178 – Power up with your software development

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July 25, 2022

Guidance document DO-178 “Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification”1 2 was first published in 1982, rewritten in 1992 as DO-178B and updated in 2011 as DO-178C, to reflect accumulated experience to meet current requirements. needs of the aeronautical industry.

LDRA has participated extensively on the DO-178B3 and DO-178C4 committees for nearly two decades. Mike Hennell, CEO of LDRA, was instrumental in including several test measurement objectives in the standard, including those related to structural coverage analysis. The LDRA®️ suite of tools was itself a forerunner in automated verification for certification to both DO-178B and its associated standard, DO-2785 for ground systems.

ARP 4754A6 states that functional hazard analyzes and system security assessments are performed before a system is developed. A Development Assurance Level (DAL) is assigned accordingly for this system and for the subsystems that implement its hardware and software requirements. The DO-178C standard then provides detailed guidelines for the development and verification of safety-critical airborne software systems in accordance with the assigned DAL, so that the effort and expense of producing such a flight control system is necessarily higher than those required to produce (say) a bathroom smoke detector.

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