Drone lawyer and industrial consultant starts his own business

Dallas, Texas – Grant Guillot, a prominent drone lawyer and industry business development consultant, announced that he opened his own business after establishing a thriving unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) practice within the leading regional law firm, Adams and Reese LLP.

Due to its early entry into the industry and since launching a podcast with MarketScale in February 2020, Guillot has built a reputation as a leader in the emerging drone industry. He explains that his move will allow him to better serve his customers and the emergency drone industry as a whole.

Guillot built on the success of his Drones in America program through media appearances on Fox News and Fox Business, served on the Commercial UAV Expo advisory board and represented key industry players.

Asked about his move, Guillot said:

“After five productive years with a prestigious regional firm, I opened my own regulatory and business consulting firm UAS, Grant Guillot, LLC.

As ubiquitous beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) As operations move closer to reality, the need for current and potential drone users to obtain regulatory guidance is growing.

At the same time, the opportunities for strategic partnerships between and among industry participants and government stakeholders are more prevalent than ever, as UAS use cases, particularly drone deliveries, are being considered by many. growing private sector and government entities due to increased public acceptance and growing customer demand. .

Through my experiences working with the United States Congress, FAA and other federal government entities, international stakeholders, state and local government agencies, educational institutions, and most importantly, business users of UAS, I am excited to begin this new chapter in my career and am ready to serve current and potential end users looking to take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

For more information on Grant Guillot’s weekly podcast, Drones in America, you can visit the show page.

And for more information about Grant Guillot, LLC, you can visit his page or contact him through this connect.

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