Durham ‘Rooted’ Software Services Firm Terazo Raises First $ 10.5 Million, Plans Expansion


DURHAM – Richmond, Va., And Durham-based software development and managed services firm Terazo has raised $ 10.5 million, led by Tercera with participation from Twilio.

The funding will allow the company, which was founded in Richmond in 2016, to grow, including hiring to staff a Charlotte office and a number of remote positions, as it plans to expand nationwide.

Before this fundraising, the company’s first, the company was financially supported by its founders. Although based in Richmond, the company sees Durham as the “anchor point” of its operations in the South East, but does not refer anywhere as its headquarters, due to a distributed workforce and a distributed management team.

“Terazo believes technology is a means to an end that can improve businesses, communities and the world when used in the right way,” said CEO Mark Wesell. “At the end of the day, that means it’s really about the positive impact that technology can have on people’s lives. “

The company focuses on automation and integration, which Wessell says means the company seeks to create efficiencies in existing or new business processes that can generate measurable value for the company. .

The technology can also be used by businesses to break down silos, Wesell said, and go beyond in-house systems integration to extend integrations with business partners or other developers.

The company pays close attention to changes in consumer behavior, particularly in the retail sector, and focuses on providing technology solutions to businesses around omnichannel communications and logistics.

Retail is changing and customers want to interact with businesses using the communication channel that works best for them, and switch between channels when it makes sense. It requires great customer service and the technology behind the approach, said Chris Busse, chief digital officer for the company.

“Many companies place a high value on the user experience of their website and mobile app, and what we’ve discovered through our partnership with Twilio is that focusing on the experience of these channels go a long way in creating an excellent overall customer experience, ”said Busse. “A big part of the future is creating a great user experience for the contact center agents themselves in the systems they work with. This translates into a better customer experience, as the contact center agent can be more efficient in their work.

When it comes to meeting the growing logistics challenges in the retail industry, Busse said, technology can be used to create greater efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction. Terazo is working with customers in the logistics industry to release their own APIs and development platforms that allow business partners to integrate with their systems, which improves efficiency, Busse said.

“To take just one example to put this in a consumer context, ‘patio season’ is right after ‘after Black Friday’ for shipping companies,” Busse said. “All the retail and online stores that deliver large sets of patio furniture live – there is a huge increase in the spring. “

And, with more people expected to work from home, more often, and with less travel, the company predicts that this spending habit will continue, Busse said.

To meet this need, Terazo is recruiting for software development and market-level management positions, and plans to use a portion of the funding to strengthen its sales and delivery teams. The company will also increase its own marketing efforts.

“Terazo’s alignment with our cloud-centric, API-driven development approach, and the great work they have done for our customers make them an important partner within our growing partner ecosystem.” said Glenn Weinstein, director of customer service at Twilio. “Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform empowers OEMs around the world, and Terazo truly embodies the OEMs mindset. “

Terazo is Tercera’s second strategic investment. Terazo is a member of the Twilio Partner Program. Dan Lascell from Tercera will join Terazo’s board of directors.


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