Flightdocs joins the ATP family of software services

Flightdocs Press Release | June 18, 2020

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Flightdocs is now part of ATP, an aviation-focused information services and software solutions company, creating a leader in information services and software focused on aircraft safety and reliability.

With Flightdocs joining ATP, the company will provide powerful cloud-based software solutions for aircraft maintenance tracking, troubleshooting, recurring fault analysis, inventory management and flight planning, combined with a strong library. technical publications and regulatory content.

Founded in 2003, Flightdocs has grown to become the second largest provider of aircraft maintenance tracking and inventory management solutions within business aviation. The company’s long-standing reputation for revolutionary software and support has made Flightdocs the number one choice for flight services around the world, the company said.

ATP, a company with nearly 50 years of experience, provides technical publications and aircraft regulatory information, connecting over 45,000 maintenance professionals with the latest OEM content and airworthiness guidelines. The company’s software division is the leading provider of repeatable fault and troubleshooting applications focused on reducing operating costs, improving reliability and supporting the sharing of technical knowledge.

“We are very excited to join the ATP team,” said Rick Heine, President and CEO of Flightdocs. “What started as a partnership quickly turned into a much bigger opportunity. By joining ATP, we will be able to create unique products and services that will have a significant impact for our customers, improving efficiency, reliability, compliance and safety across the industry.

ATP and Flightdocs customers will have access to a full range of services to support the safe and reliable operation of their aircraft. Already regarded as one of the most innovative and user-friendly maintenance tracking and inventory management software on the market, the Flightdocs platform will now take advantage of technical publication libraries, regulatory content, and analysis and monitoring software. troubleshooting chronic faults offered by ATP.

Together, the two companies will bring even more innovation and technical capabilities to the business aircraft maintenance tracking, inventory management and flight operations software markets.

“Flightdocs’ commitment to innovation and service makes them an ideal addition to the ATP family,” commented Rick Noble, CEO of ATP. “Working together, our goal will be to provide the most advanced maintenance tracking, inventory management and flight operations software on the market. One known for its excellent support, superior user experience and powerful tools that can create tremendous benefits for our customers.

With the addition of Flightdocs, ATP will now support 75,000 maintenance professionals across more than 7,500 customers in 137 countries. In addition, the team plans to continue investing in the development of new products for the business aviation, general aviation, commercial aviation, military / defense and military markets. OEMs.

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