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SAN DIEGO, Oct. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Genasys Inc. (NASDAQ: GNSS), the global leader in mission-critical communications systems and solutions, today announced that several counties and communities in Arkansas, Mississippi , Missouri, Pennsylvania and Texas have entered into multi-year contracts for GenasysEmergency Management (GEM) software services.

“GEM has replaced the emergency notification software systems in place in all but one county and community under contract,” said Richard S. Danforth, CEO of Genasys Inc. “Crisis situations are on the increase. Many regions are at increasing risk of disasters, epidemics, civil unrest, active shooters and other perilous situations. Ensuring the safety of residents and visitors with multi-channel alerts and real-time situational awareness is vital to public safety.

“GEM’s cloud-based software aggregates and processes hyper-local data from multiple sensor inputs to provide emergency managers with actionable information in real time,” added Danforth, “This information enables the timely delivery of alerts, evacuation or shelter-in-place. safety warnings and notifications to help keep people safe before, during and after critical events. “

GEM also enables emergency managers to trigger and track alerts, and quickly respond to alert responses from hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people during disasters and other crises. With multi-channel and multi-agency alerts, GEM provides notifications via voice calls, SMS messages, emails, desktop alerts, social media, IPAWS and other communication channels.

About Genasys Inc.

Genasys â„¢ is a global provider of critical communication systems and solutions that help keep people safe. Genasys offers a multi-channel approach to deliver geo-targeted alerts, notifications, instructions and information before, during and after public safety threats and critical business events. The company’s unified critical communications platform includes Genasys Emergency Management Applications (GEM), National Emergency Alert Systems (NEWS), Integrated Mass Notification Systems (IMNS), LRAD® long-range voice broadcasting, Zonehaven â„¢ public safety resources, and more.

Genasys systems are in service in over 100 countries in a range of diverse applications including public safety, emergency alerting, mass notification, critical event management, defense, enforcement law, homeland security and other applications. For more information, visit

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