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SAN DIEGO, Oct. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Genasys Inc. (NASDAQ: GNSS), the global leader in mission-critical communications systems and solutions, today announced that 13 California counties have each entered into software services for Multi-year Zonehaven and evacuation management contracts. First responders, emergency service agencies and the more than 6.9 million people living in Alameda, Contra Costa, Humboldt, Lake, Marin, Napa, Nevada, San Mateo, Santa Clara counties , Santa Cruz, Sierra, Sonoma and Yuba now have access to Zonehaven critical evacuation planning, alerts and real-time life safety information.

“Our Zonehaven evacuation management and software services platform transforms the entire evacuation process by equipping first responders and emergency service agencies with essential tools to plan, train and execute evacuations on time.” timely and orderly restocking, ”said Richard S. Danforth, CEO of Genasys. Inc. “Know Your Zone awareness campaigns provide public safety resources that better prepare residents and businesses for evacuations and emergency events through the web page. “

Mr Danforth added: “During this fiscal year, we expect many more counties and communities to contract and use our Zonehaven emergency management platform to help better protect their residents before, during and after disasters. critical events. “

Emergency services workers take a look at how Zonehaven is making evacuations and restockings faster and safer:

“With this new evacuation system, our first responders and community members now see the same critical information in real time. Zonehaven was a game-changer in Nevada County. Lieutenant Bob Jakobs, Emergency Operations Coordinator, Office of Emergency Services, Nevada County Sheriff’s Office

“Zonehaven allows us to quickly implement evacuations and display this information to our citizens in real time. Chris Ingram, Fire Captain, Santa Clara County Fire Department

“Zonehaven will increase our efficiency in evacuation scenarios by helping to create a common operational image between us, our partners and the public. Ryan Derby, Director of Emergency Services, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Emergency Services Office

“In addition to facilitating highly effective pre-planning, training and exercises, the Zonehaven platform incorporates hyperlocal knowledge to model evolving disaster scenarios and subsequent impacts on evacuation areas, traffic patterns. and public safety, ”said Charlie Crocker, General Manager of Zonehaven at Genasys. Emergency service managers use Zonehaven software during all hazard crises to quickly update counties and communities with area-specific notifications including evacuation status, updates live incidents, real-time weather, road and traffic conditions, nearby shelters and other vital information. “

Over the past two years, the Zonehaven escape platform has been used in California during many major forest fires including Antelope, Beckworth Complex, Bennett, CZU Lightning Complex, Cache, Coyote, Dixie, Fly, Glass , Glen, Lava, McCash, River Complex and Tenant, as well as local fires. Zonehaven has also taken care of evacuations for active shooters and debris flow risks in several jurisdictions.

About Genasys Inc.

Genasys â„¢ is a global provider of critical communication systems and solutions that help keep people safe. Genasys offers a multi-channel approach to deliver geo-targeted alerts, notifications, instructions and information before, during and after public safety threats and critical business events. The company’s unified critical communications platform includes Genasys Emergency Management Applications (GEM), National Emergency Alert Systems (NEWS), Integrated Mass Notification Systems (IMNS), LRAD® long-range voice broadcasting, Zonehaven â„¢ public safety resources, and more.

Genasys systems are in service in more than 100 countries in a range of diverse applications including public safety, emergency alerting, mass notification, critical event management, defense, law enforcement law, homeland security and other applications. For more information, visit

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