Genasys Inc. secures software services contract from Spain


SAN DIEGO, February 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Genasys Inc. (NASDAQ: GNSS), the global leader in mission-critical communications systems and solutions, today announced a four-year contract to provide software services to the Spanish ministry of the Interior (MOI), a government department responsible for public security, national security, law enforcement, immigration and civil protection.

“This is an important contract which we hope will facilitate software sales in Spain and the European Union (EU),” said Richard S. Danforth, CEO of Genasys Inc. “Although ” it is not part of the European Code of Electronic Communications (EECC) Article 110, the addition of the MOI contract strengthens Genasys’ position in responding to requests for proposals for recent and expected EU initiatives from Member States and mobile telecommunications providers.

The EECC Article 110 initiative currently orders all EU countries to implement a public alerting system that provides location-based emergency communications to all mobile phones through every network of mobile operators in each Member State by June 2022.

“Genasys NEWS is deployed directly to mobile operator networks via SMS and cell broadcast channels to send alerts and information to anyone, anywhere,” added Danforth. “Using Genasys proprietary geo-redundant processing and industry-leading speed, throughput and accuracy, NEWS is unmatched in locating and delivering critical communications to people and populations affected by disasters and other crisis situations. ”

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About Genasys Inc.

Genasysâ„¢ is a global provider of communications systems and solutions essential to ensuring the safety of people. Genasys offers a multi-channel approach to deliver geo-targeted alerts, notifications, instructions and information before, during and after public safety threats and critical business events. The company’s unified critical communications platform includes Genasys Emergency Management Applications (GEM), National Emergency Alert Systems (NEWS), LRAD® long range voice broadcasting systems and more.

Genasys systems are in service in 72 countries in a range of diverse applications including public safety, emergency alerting, mass notification, critical event management, defense, law enforcement, internal security and many others. For more information visit

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