GMV wins state-of-the-art space debris software contract for German Space Agency – Reuters

This new project is part of the data processing activities within the EU SST under the responsibility of the German Space Agency. Its main objective is to develop, validate and integrate advanced algorithms for orbit propagation, orbit determination and data correlation aimed at achieving an overall capacity for improved catalog creation and maintenance, based on experience and the capabilities of GMV in the field. This cataloging capability is one of the main responsibilities of DLR as part of the German contribution to the EU SST system. The German and Spanish branches of GMV will be involved in the activity, in collaboration with teams located in Munich, Darmstadt and Madrid. GMV runs EU OSH contracts in 5 countries (Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Romania) and has additional capacities and contracts in UK and Portugal in the OSH field. In total, over 70 GMV engineers work at GMV on SSA / OHS activities, making it the largest industry and SSA / OHS team in Europe.

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  • Title: GMV Wins Advanced Space Debris Software Contract for German Space Agency – SatNews
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