Japanese UX consulting firm merges Taiwanese startup to enter martech

Marketing technology, or martech, encompasses a wide range of technologies that can achieve marketing goals. Omniscient Cloud Technologies, a martech startup in Taiwan, is merging with the R&D center of beBit, a Japanese digital strategy and UX consulting firm, to form a martech company — “beBit Technology”. beBit and Omniscient announced the merger jointly and described it as a first step to explore the martech field.

beBit Greater China General Manager Jason Chen said teams and resources are being consolidated and will work together to optimize the flagship product — OmniSegment. New products and services will be released thereafter and applied to new scenarios and use cases, said Jason Chen. The company plans to provide a turnkey solution ranging from consulting service to system integration in the Taiwanese market.

OmniSegment is a martech solution product from Omniscient Cloud Technologies. It collects data on customer attribution and behavioral patterns by connecting e-commerce platforms, point-of-sale systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and marketing touchpoints ; OmniSegment and processes data with scientific models and AI data analysis. The system is a powerful tool to help businesses improve customer communications and optimize service experiences.

Wei-chun Kao, Founder and CEO of Omniscient, said in a press release that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated business demand for digital transformation. However, the “scarcity of digital computing talent” and the “huge cost of software and hardware” remained a challenge. OmniSegment was designed as a “no-code” tool that marketers can easily adopt to apply AI and automation in their marketing campaigns. Customers can use OmniSegment to conduct custom automated marketing processes, analytics modules, and results testing for customers in various market segments. Precision marketing will reduce their promotional costs, increase conversion rates, and in turn, increase customer satisfaction with the brand. No-code features, AI, and automation will reduce capital expenditures for businesses in their digital transformation efforts while increasing marketing effectiveness.

OmniSegment now has nearly 50 client brands. These branded customers saw over 15% growth in converting offline customers to online customers; incremental sales brought by OmniSegment average 15-20% of monthly sales.

Jason Chen expects the complementary merger to combine beBit’s business consulting expertise with Omniscient’s highly flexible and rapidly scalable OmniSegment system to provide customers with comprehensive, end-to-end business consulting solutions. digital transformation and customer management.

beBit has had a branch in Taiwan since 2012 and has served major clients such as CTBC, Cathay Financial Holdings, 7-11, etc., in their digital transformation journeys.

Omniscient Cloud Technologies was established in 2015 and was selected by the Epoch Foundation to join its Garage+ accelerator in 2016. Founder and CEO Wei-chun Kao holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Jason Chen (left), general manager of beBit Greater China and Wei-chun Kao, CEO and founder of Omniscient Cloud Technologies, announced their merger to form beBit Technology.
Photo: beBit

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