Job: Strategy consultant at GVA Partners

job description

We require the services of a highly qualified strategy consultant. The successful candidate will study current market trends to help businesses adapt to changing conditions that influence productivity and goals. This person will also work closely with senior management to help identify realistic budget and production decisions, evaluate current practices, and make suggestions to reduce costs or increase revenue by developing solutions to problems in specific areas. .


  • Develop and manage project plans, progress reports, management and committee updates.
  • Assist in leading various strategic initiative projects, as assigned by senior management.
  • Mentor and guide less experienced team members.
  • Work with cross-functional teams to ensure partner implementations are on track and on plan.
  • Take the initiative to resolve issues that arise while running programs with partners.
  • Ensure that client objectives and project timelines are met.
  • Structure presentations, documentation, responses to RFPs and other materials.
  • Collaborate with partners across functions, including strategy, finance, analytics, marketing, digital, product management, and technology.
  • Develop trusting relationships with customers and manage customer expectations.
  • Consult with clients about business operations, organizational structure, leadership, or any other aspect of their business that may need improvement
  • Use both quantitative and qualitative information to support your recommendation.
  • Provide strategic advice to clients on how to achieve their business goals, such as improving operations, increasing revenue or reducing costs
  • Recommend changes in organizational structure or culture to achieve strategic objectives
  • Conduct research and collect data to help organizations better understand their customers or customers
  • Develop and implement plans for new products, services, technologies or marketing campaigns
  • Conduct feasibility studies to determine if proposed projects or programs will be successful
  • Organize training sessions to teach employees how to apply new strategies or procedures in their work

Qualifications and key skills

  • Graduate degree or doctorate in business administration, business administration, computer science or engineering or bachelor’s degree and 5 years of relevant experience.
  • Experience with applicable software and systems such as NDAS, CCAR, API, Chatbots and Agile.
  • Comfortable with decision making and leadership.
  • First experience as a consultant.
  • Strong demonstrated skills in collaboration and critical thinking.
  • Can pay strict attention to detail and prioritize tasks and needs.
  • Experience with machine learning, frameworks and developing business cases.
  • Project management skills
  • Industry knowledge
  • Professional skills

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