Launch of GIR Software Services to Address NetSuite Ecommerce Support Need


When the pandemic swept through 2020 and put the world on lockdown, physical stores closed and many quickly turned to online sales to stay afloat.

Ecommerce expert Marshall Lerner, as well as Palak Choksi, a prominent NetSuite expert, saw a hole in the online marketplace for ecommerce-focused businesses needing software support and services to compete on the market. Marlet. Lerner assembled a team of experts from his current successful e-commerce business and ran with the idea of ​​providing this much-needed opportunity.

Today, the company announced the official launch of GIR software services.

With over 35 years of experience, the Houston-based team brings deep expertise in bespoke e-commerce design, software development, and NetSuite SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced integrations and deployments.

“With the critical shift towards digital commerce becoming even more prevalent due to the pandemic, we have decided to launch GIR to provide businesses with the support they need to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market”, said Lerner, CEO of GIR.

As the windows began to open, studies have shown that consumers still prefer online delivery over in-person delivery. Companies will have to change direction in order to survive. GIR can help you. Offering NetSuite and e-commerce expertise, GIR provides business solutions to improve operational efficiency, increase revenue and create a voice in the market.

As NetSuite e-commerce experts, GIR maintains a list of services including:

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Standard

Retail management software

NetSuite Website Design

Shipping and execution

Digital strategy and tailor-made solutions

NetSuite Automated Services

Learn more about today’s launch here.

Visit the GIR Software Services website here.


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