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The latest QCon Plus virtual event begins online in just over a week (May 10). the online software development conference and learning path brings together innovative software practitioners who will share case studies and insights into real-world best practices and solutions in software development and technology leadership.

Join your peers to learn about the latest methodologies, technologies, and software delivery frameworks that will help you identify what you and your team need to focus on to achieve your goals. You’ll leave the event with insights that will save you valuable time and give you confidence that you’re adopting the right technologies, practices, and skills for your organization’s current challenges.

The best tracks not to miss as a software architect, software developer, product manager or team leader

Recommended lectures

Rob Donovan and Ioana Creanga talk about what happens behind the scenes when you pay with your card, and how Starling built its own card processor, integrating more traditional hardware with micro-services deployed in the cloud. With speakers: Ioana Creangachief engineer for the payment processing group @StarlingBank and Rob Donovantechnical Manager @StarlingBank.

In this talk, we’re going to take a step back and review a handful of skills that, when applied strategically, will help you amplify your impact. Listen to about 5 behaviors that can improve your standing on a team. Learn to assess yourself to see if you are doing the right thing on your team. Speaker: Blanca Garcia GilSenior Engineer.

This talk will give you insight into the day-to-day reality of working with a large-scale GraphQL API, taking you on a journey through the Twitter API development process. Michelle will share the unique challenges Twitter faces, and the strategies and tools they’ve developed to address those challenges. Speaker: Michelle GarrettSoftware engineer @Twitter.

In this talk, we review the current data landscape and discuss technical and organizational ideas to avoid being overwhelmed by the current lack of consolidation in the world of data engineering. We’ll discuss ideas ranging from adopting open source APIs and open standards to newer data management methodologies around operations, data sharing, and data products that allow us to create and maintain resilient and reliable data architectures. Speaker: Ismael Mejialead cloud attorney @Microsoft.

In this session, we’ll talk about fault isolation boundaries and ways to take advantage of fault isolation in AWS. We’ll then walk you through some initial tests you can use to make sure your system has successfully isolated flaws within its architecture. Speaker: jason bartoLead Solutions Architect @AWS.

In this talk, Anna Shipman, Technical Director of Client Products at the Financial Times, will talk about her experience joining the FT to lead on FT.com a few years after its launch; and share some of the things she and my team have implemented to stop the drift to an unmaintainable system and another rebuild. Speaker: Anna ShipmanTechnical Director of Client Products @FinancialTimes

There are many ways to participate in QCon Plus. You have the option to attend all sessions live online or create a 90-day self-directed learning experience to suit your schedule. Choose the pace of learning that suits you best:

  • Fully Live Experience: Dive into the full live experience spaced out a few hours a day over two weeks. Get your burning questions answered from our 80 software practitioner speakers in interactive Q&As, speaker hangouts, and in our QCon Plus Slack.
  • A mix of live and on-demand access: Choose which sessions you want to attend live, connect with speakers and peers, and watch other on-demand talks for 90 days at a pace that works for you.
  • All on-demand access for 90 days: A stress-free training environment. Create a 3-month self-directed learning experience to fit your schedule. Your 90-day all-access pass will unlock over 60 inspiring talks to watch at your own pace…as many times as you want.
  • Start your learning journey from May 10. Register.

Take advantage of the QCon Plus group discount.

Don’t let your friends and colleagues miss out. Participate as a team QCon Plus and receive an additional free ticket for every 4 regular conference tickets purchased. It is not yet necessary to add the names of the participants. Order tickets now and add names later. Once you have placed the order, we will send you individual promotional codes that each person can use to register.

Reserve your spot now and attend all sessions on-demand for 90 days! Assist QCon Plus Online Software Development Conference starting May 10.

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