Melbourne’s DiUS sells Pactflow platform to software development tools provider Smartbear – Software

Melbourne-based IT consultancy DiUS has sold its contract testing collaboration platform Pactflow to US software development tools provider Smartbear for an undisclosed sum.

DiUS founded Pactflow in 2019 to commercialize its contract testing collaboration software, which was developed on top of the Pact open source software (OSS) contract testing framework.

Smartbear said the acquisition helps the company strengthen its API development platform, and Pactflow also aligns with leading API initiatives, Developers Choice, Open and Universal, and Enterprise Ready.

“Pactflow is a great example of our commitment to OSS, the startup ecosystem, and solving complex problems for our clients,” said DiUS Co-Founder and CEO Joe Losinno.

“We look forward to seeing Pactflow grow further within SmartBear, while becoming a core services partner, helping to implement contract testing with Pact and Pactflow to support customers around the world.”

Pactflow is the second DiUS startup to be created after Datarock, a joint venture with Solve Geosolutions that provides machine learning solutions to accelerate resource-intensive tasks for the mining industry. The company secured a 30% stake from global mining technology company Imdex.

Pactflow co-founder Matt Fellows said, “We couldn’t be more excited to join the team at SmartBear.”

“There is great synergy with the multi-protocol approach that SmartBear has taken with its API tools and Pactflow contract testing, especially when customers are looking for more integrity in their microservices architectures. This, coupled with our shared commitment to open source, positions SmartBear and Pactflow customers well for the future.

Smartbear’s Managing Director, Frank Roe, said, “We are excited to add Pactflow and OSS Pact to the SmartBear API development platform, providing developers with a critical emerging capability to accelerate API development and provide high quality services.

“As organizations rapidly move towards digital transformation, SmartBear, with the addition of Pactflow, will bring even more value to our customers, ensuring that we continue to meet organizations wherever they are in their software development and API journey.”

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