Nick Calderon Joins GrubMarket as Director of Software Services, Strategic Accounts

SAN FRANCISCO – GrubMarket, Inc. today announced that Nick Calderon, former Implementation Manager and Principal Consultant at Famous Software, will join its software team as Director of Software Services, Strategic Accounts for its flagship product, WholesaleWare . Nick will report to GrubMarket’s Director of Software, Genevieve Wang, and be responsible for WholesaleWare’s implementations and training. WholesaleWare is the newest and most innovative ERP software and inventory management system in the produce and protein industry. Nick, leveraging his vast experience, will help this cutting-edge technology through its next phase of continued exponential growth.

“WholesaleWare adoption in the industry continues to exceed all expectations, and we are responding to such demand by adding one of the most experienced and successful deployment leaders in the industry to our team. Nick brings a wealth of experience working both in products and as a Certified Project Manager for most of his career. His role is critical as we tailor our services and value offerings for our customers,” said Genevieve Wang, Chief Software Officer of GrubMarket.

A graduate of California Polytechnic State University (“Cal Poly”), San Luis Obispo, Nick has dedicated his 17-year career to driving the digital transformation of the produce industry through technology. Nick has been involved in over 500 ERP implementations in the US and Canada. His experience spans the industry as he has successfully completed projects for clients ranging from wholesalers and distributors to brokers, growers, packers, shippers, processors, exporters and importers.

“I am thrilled to join this amazing team at GrubMarket and support our customers’ success with WholesaleWare, a modern platform backed by powerful technology. GrubMarket shares my passion for revolutionizing the fresh food industry through technology. WholesaleWare makes it easier for our customers to do their daily work and be more efficient with every transaction. And, it puts the power of its technology in the hands of every user through our ERP and mobile apps. WholesaleWare has already proven itself to many customers and I look forward to helping expand our footprint in this next phase of growth,” said Nick Calderon, Director of Software Services at GrubMarket.

About GrubMarket

Founded in 2014, GrubMarket is a San Francisco-based food technology company operating in the field of food supply chain e-commerce for commercial customers and end consumers, as well as providing related software-as-a-service solutions to digitally transform the US and global food supply chain. Currently, GrubMarket operates in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington; Ontario and British Columbia (Canada); Argentina, Chile and Colombia (South America); India, Mexico, South Africa and Spain, with plans to expand to the rest of North America, South America and other parts of the world.

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