Nigeria ID4D Seeks Privacy Consultant for National Identity Management Infrastructure

The Nigeria Digital Identity for Development (Nigeria ID4D) project is seeking the expertise of a number of service providers, including a consultant to perform a comprehensive privacy and security audit on the national identity management system infrastructure. identity (NIMS).

The NIMS is the complete IT ecosystem for the Nigeria Digital ID project which includes application software, IT infrastructure, data center as well as disaster recovery center facilities. It is used to perform biometric authentication and other identity management functions.

The NIMS aims to ensure the unique identification of individuals and the issuance of a unique TIN, among other objectives. It also wants to ensure that the technical and legal foundations necessary to operate reliably and effectively protect the rights of individuals and their personal data are present, including the implementation of privacy-by-design principles.

According to a tender document issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), the consultant is expected to work closely with the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of NIMC and the Strategic Ecosystem Coordination Unit (ESCU) in accordance with the requirements of ID4D. Project appraisal document as well as any other directives given by the project steering committee.

The consultant will have two main roles: First, to assist NIMC in preparing the required tender documents; manage technology procurement and acquisition processes; and select any service provider for the implementation and management of NIMS. Second, to assist the NIMC in the areas of project monitoring for the implementation of the NIMS, including technical assistance for implementation and post-implementation monitoring, verification, testing and validation of the implementation of the NIMS system in accordance with the tender specifications.

The services to be offered by the consultant in the above two fields of application are described in detail in the invitation to tender document.

Two other related offers relate to the hiring of consultants; one to develop a communications strategy on the new digital ID enrollment model, and the other to design the project’s grievance mechanism that will enable NIMC to receive and respond to concerns efficiently and effectively, complaints and grievances arising from the ecosystem registration model.

Nigeria aims to increase digital ID coverage to 85% of its population and 97.5% of adults by the end of 2027, according to the MIMC.

More than 90 million identity documents have already been issued in the country.

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