Productheads Hires Senior Consultant for Recruitment Department

Productheads, a specialist recruitment firm launched by Tim Wilkinson in March 2021, has recruited Toby Kelly as a senior consultant.

Product managers Tim Wilkinson, left, founder, and Toby Kelly, senior consultant. Photo: Keith Hepell

The company, which offers recruitment, consultancy and training services, started when Tim identified a gap in the market. He was working in software and product management when he spotted a gap in the market for product management service and design roles in early-stage startups.

“The current life expectancy of a first product manager in a start-up is around 11 months,” says Tim. “It’s terrible for the companies as well as for the candidates.

“To do a good job, you really need to understand the business model, the stage they are in, their customers and the challenges they face.

“You also need to be able to really dig into a candidate’s experience to find out whether or not it’s relevant to that specific role, and whether they have the skills to make a real impact once hired. To do it right, you need a solid understanding of product management and design activities in a software company. »

Tim’s background is in software and product management.

“I’ve been creating software for 15 years,” he says, “most recently as a product manager.

Product managers from left to right are Tim Wilkinson, Founder and Senior Consultant Toby Kelly.  Photo: Keith Hepell
Product managers from left to right are Tim Wilkinson, Founder and Senior Consultant Toby Kelly. Photo: Keith Hepell

“We are based in Cambridge with clients in Cambridge and London. Much of my career has been in and around Cambridge, but the Product Managers are focused on the UK, mainly for SAAS [software as a service] companies that use software as a B2B service.

Business has been good, adds Tim.

“Over the past 18 months I have built a strong client base from scratch and in July Toby joined the team to help our clients find great product designers for their teams.

“Toby already has a good background in recruitment and has worked at a few Cambridge companies. He’s gotten off to a flying start, he’s been in product design roles like UX designers, and he’s doing really well. .

Personalized service is already yielding positive results. One candidate said, “Working with product managers was fantastic.

“Not only does Tim have excellent product knowledge, which allows for in-depth and meaningful discussion of the experience, but he truly cares about matching the right people with the right company.”

Another said: “Toby was super helpful from start to finish, extremely responsive and is on top of his game.”

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