Shield AI Wins $60M Aircraft Autonomy Software Deal

The US Air Force has reward a $60 million deal with San Diego-based startup Shield AI, paving the way for its autonomy software to be installed in a range of aircraft.

Shield AI is developing its Hivemind autonomy and AI stack that uses “state-of-the-art path planning, mapping, state estimation and computer vision algorithms, combined with reinforcement learning and simulations , to train unmanned systems to perform a variety of missions. »

In-house drone swarm software

The manufacturer claims the software is designed to operate swarms of “intelligent” drones in the Global Positioning System and non-RF environments.

Co-founder of Shield AI Brandon Tseng Recount breaking defense that the company plans to first install the software in several V-Bat drones developed by the company – three to five V-BATs by the end of next year and 30 by 2025.

Next step

Following this, the company could receive approval to integrate the software on a commercial electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft – Beta Technologies’ ALIA – under the Army’s Strategic Funding Augmentation Program (STRATFI). air.

Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) Brig. Gen. Justin Hoffman said: “The AFWERX STRATFI with Shield AI will advance AFSOC’s UAS autonomous collaboration capabilities [unmanned aerial systems] allowing them to team up with air commandos in complex environments.

“The human-machine team is a critical capability for AFSOC’s broader transformation towards strategic competition.”

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