The Disruptors – Taking a New Turn in Offshore Software Development

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India – Business Wire India It was quite windy but cheerful morning in Melbourne, Australia that day. The campus of La Trobe University was teeming with students from all parts of the world. A young Dharmesh Shah, a Gujarati from Kerala, was sitting in the library. He was browsing through books when he heard a hoarse voice whisper, “Hi, are you from India? “. As he looked in the direction of the voice, he saw a pair of brown eyes and a cheerful face crinkle into a bright smile. “Yes, I am from India,” he replied. “Myself Shantanu Dublish, from Meerut”. This moment was the beginning of an eternal bond between two brilliant people. They were both MBA students in International Marketing at La Trobe University and had a lot to share. After completing their studies, they worked in Melbourne for many years. Rather ambitious by nature, both wanted to explore entrepreneurship.

One day, sitting in a cafe in Melbourne, they made the decision to pursue their dream of becoming entrepreneurs. Mobile apps with innovative features were in demand, so they decided to launch one for the Australian market. As part of a cost reduction strategy, they decided to outsource the development of the mobile application to a company in India. Shantanu called a company in Delhi, and they finalized the features they were looking for.

But at odds with their optimistic approach, it was a heartbreaking experience. Whenever they called to inquire about progress, they received a flimsy apology. The Delhi-based company not only delayed the entire app development process, but also multiplied the costs astronomically over a period of time. In the end, they had to hand the project over to another Bangalore-based company. But very alarmingly, they again had a similar bad experience. This new company delivered a useless application after wasting a year and a half of their precious time.

Dharmesh was quite disturbed because of the disturbing experiences. He called Shantanu and said in a depressed voice, “India is the preferred and most famous outsourcing destination. But if this is the kind of service that customers receive, then what would be the future of this industry. “” Whatever happens, happens for the best. When a door closes, God opens another door, ”Shantanu said. He was also quite confused, but he didn’t want his friend to know it. Their dream did not materialize. So he called his father and told him about his frustrating experience. “Why not start an IT company in India and provide memorable and commendable outsourcing experiences to overseas companies? “He was struck by the brilliant advice and immediately called Dharmesh saying,” Why don’t we transform the tarnished and shoddy image of outsourcing companies by providing world class IT services from India at an economic cost. ” “So let’s go,” Dharmesh exclaimed.

Dharmesh and Shantanu both packed their bags and returned to India in 2008 and started their IT company named Optimal Virtual Employee ( in Noida. The incubation period was pretty tough. They have spent many sleepless nights planning future strategies. “Hiring was difficult because most brilliant software engineers preferred to join a large company like TCS and Infosys rather than a small startup. It took a lot of persuasion to hire smart engineers. We encouraged them to work from home, flexible working hours, etc. to attract the best possible talent, ”explains Dharmesh.

One day, as they were considering the future of their establishment, two of the engineers they had approached previously walked into their office. “We are ready to join your team,” they said in unison. Their ideologies had worked and they started to get a favorable response in no time. Thanks to their flawless marketing experience, the founders did not have much difficulty in attracting an international clientele. However, convincing clients of the excellent quality of remote software development was quite difficult as most of them had burned their fingers in the past while dealing with poor quality Indian service providers.

“Patience and hard work are the key to success,” Dharmesh said. In the end, all of the excruciating work paid off and the business began to grow. Their challenge was to keep customers satisfied with their excellent development work. Operational for over 11 years, Optimal Virtual Employee has won over large companies in North America and Europe. They have also started to offer services in new technologies like AI and blockchain, alongside the usual services like dot net, ruby ​​on rails, full-stack development, data science and PHP. “There is a growing demand for new technologies such as AI and we are on the verge of gaining first-mover advantage in this space,” said Kartik Sharma, IT manager at the company.

Currently, they have offices in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. The founders are quite excited about the growth. “Along with rapid growth, we want to make sure that the quality of our deliveries is not lacking. We pioneered the virtual employee model in India in 2008. Now we can see that the demand has continued to grow, with large companies hiring virtual employees and remote working becoming more and more popular. Our model can also be called e-employee, as everything is e nowadays, ”said Shantanu.

With the success of the IT business, Dharmesh and Shantanu decided to diversify their business. They ventured into BPO, started a lifestyle brand for kids called Scoobies, and also ventured into manufacturing and loyalty businesses. They have finally reached the pinnacle of success.

With the digital transformation sweeping the whole world, especially after COVID 19, the Optimal group sees a bright future ahead. The biggest challenge will be to evolve operations without compromising the quality of services offered by the company to its customers.


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