Todd Warren Senior Envorso Advisor expands role to lead software services in an operational role.


Senior Advisor Todd Warren brings his experience in enterprise technology leadership, software startup consulting and IT education to help change the course of automotive software development.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Detroit, Michigan, March 18, 2021 ( – Envorso – Consulting in technology and innovation, research and delivery, the company works with traditional auto and electric start-ups to help them respond challenges of the increased role of software in the automotive product creation cycle.

Todd Warren (Senior Advisor at Envorso) brings to his clients and colleagues over two decades of Microsoft experience delivering major software products. As vice president of Microsoft Mobile Communications and Embedded Software before becoming Venture Capitalist and professor at Northwestern University to teach software engineering and software entrepreneurship, Todd is a global leader in design optimization , software development and deployments. With his expertise in enterprise software, his commitment and knowledge in venture capital and start-ups, as well as his academic prowess working with great minds of all ages, Todd brings a new and powerful perspective to everything. business technology challenge. As an expert in large software projects, the experience of investing in software infrastructure companies Todd’s experience becomes very relevant as automakers go through the biggest changes in their history.

“Working closely with Envorso automotive customers to advance the technology industry’s approaches to software in the automotive space is very exciting. In the automotive and other industries, Envorso customers either take a software experiences approach to disrupt their target market or they adapt to new high-tech competition and customer expectations. My career has helped companies define their software experience and execution strategy to create value and I am delighted to continue to do so through Envorso. Todd said.

“Our global Envorso team knows that traditional and new automakers face continuing challenges in adapting to the software and connected vehicle needs of modern automotive products. Having Todd on the team to help my Envorso colleagues and I achieve positive results for our clients not only fills me with confidence that we bring the best of Envorso to clients every day, but that our clients. Customers will receive the best possible products and services, ”said Scott Tobin, CEO of Envorso.

Envorso brings an entrepreneurial perspective and the agility of a start-up mindset to meet the challenges of our clients. We help our client teams move from the constraints of old paradigms to the promise of new opportunities.

Envorso is fluid and flexible across a wide range of organizations – from startup to Fortune 100, emergence to maturity, from family businesses to global multinationals. Envorso leads when called upon or integrates seamlessly with our clients’ internal teams when it best serves them.

Behind it all is Envorso’s dedication to development and leadership celebrating diverse skills and enlightened values ​​that lead to a holistic approach to success for our clients, our teams and the communities in which we live.


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