Top 10 investment software development companies in 2021


Investment management solutions are designed to help investors or owners recognize, manage and communicate the performance and risks of assets and associated investments.

Investment management software gives new investors greater visibility into their investments by providing on-demand access to planning reports. Thus, investment management software helps improve a decision-making process by providing real-time investment management analysis and other tools essential to a successful investment. Such software helps with data management, improves operational efficiency, and ensures compliance and audibility.

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Tracking investment trends and effectively managing performance requires modern technologies applied to digital transformation and automation, which is why you need to think about tailor-made investment solutions.

Top 10 investment software development companies to watch in 2021:

1. Paxent

Paxent follows the digital demands of its customers, the team internalizes design thinking, research-based UX design, customer focus, rapid user testing, user validation and agile development to inform and accelerate roadmaps customer’s digital files.

2. Merixstudio

Merixstudio’s key expertise is the delivery of high-quality, high-performance cross-platform web and mobile applications. Depending on customer needs, they can assist customers with end-to-end product development or seamlessly extend their internal team of engineers.

3. Itexus

Over 8 years, Itexus has been building personalized investment and financial solutions. Approved by more than 150 clients, the Itexus team develops stock market analysis software, portfolio construction, analysis and optimization tools, mobile stock trading applications, document management software, financial data analysis and referral systems, NLP and more! They can upgrade your existing systems, digitize your services, use AI to extract valuable information from your accumulated data, automate your processes in accordance with industry compliance and security standards and thus attract more customers, reduce operating costs and increase revenues.

3. Merixstudio

Merixstudio’s key expertise is the delivery of high-quality, high-performance cross-platform web and mobile applications. Depending on customer needs, they can assist customers with end-to-end product development or seamlessly extend their internal team of engineers.

4. Code & Pepper

As a FinTech software development company, they provide a product development framework and a team that includes all the roles required to create the customer’s product from start to finish. This is the right solution when a client does not have an internal team with the expertise required to create a FinTech product and prefers to rely on the expertise of a technology partner.

5. Digital coil

Spire’s services are focused on the product and innovation needs of their customers, resulting in mission-critical applications that seize opportunities to increase revenue, operational efficiency, market share and customer satisfaction. clients.

6. Saritasa

Saritasa is a complete source mobile application, web, AR / VR software, systems architect and IoT solution provider that effectively implements the design, development and integration of complex technologies.

7. BairesDev

BairesDev provides end-to-end delivery to businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. The core of their work is the software outsourcing, testing and operational support they provide through a service of fully managed teams that integrate seamlessly into projects.

8. DOOR3

DOOR3 is a software consulting company. Their goal is to benefit customers – their employees, their products and their services. The strengths of the team are software development, technology strategy and UI / UX design. What sets them apart is their unmatched ability to deliver solutions safely and reliably on time and on budget.

9. The software house

The Software House is a Polish custom application development company established in 2012. It helps CTOs, product owners and entire companies to realize their software products on time.

10. Uppercase digits

Capital Numbers is an award-winning global solutions provider with over 500 full-time in-house experts. Their teams have helped reputable global brands evolve and grow their engineering teams profitably.

* This is of course not a complete list of seasoned investment software development companies, but enough to understand what the software services market looks like.

How to choose an investment management solutions development company?

Yet, selecting the best investment management solution development companies is only half the job, you should always focus on the most appropriate. Fortunately, there are some essential points that your investment software provider should adhere to:

1. Effective communication skills

Frequent and comfortable communication that ensures the building of the necessary foundation to tackle problems together effectively in the future.

2. Experience

Look for a seasoned company with proven expertise in creating investment management solutions. This can be done by researching business directories like Clutch or DesignRush, asking for a reference, or reviewing the company’s portfolio.

3. Secure and transparent

Make sure you have signed an NDA before discussing the specifics of your project. The other key priority is to check whether the invoicing process is transparent. These are essential points when choosing an investment management software vendor.

Final result

Investment management solutions enable us to meet the needs of the digital ecosystem, forcing the best investment firms to team up with the best investment software development firms.

With the improvement in technical capabilities and the emergence of new software, investment management and alternative trading systems are becoming more and more precise in managing risk and increasing profitability of transactions. This allows users to adjust a strategy and helps avoid losses before starting the actual investment process.


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