Top 10 Technologies for Business Software Development


As technology evolves every day, changes have become constant in the world of enterprise software development. Companies are now harnessing the potential of many different technologies and the list just keeps growing. By seeing the bright side of some new and popular technologies, with the help of developers, your business can take advantage of enterprise application development solutions to create unique applications for their customers. In this blog, let’s review the list of those technologies that have proven to be successful and have become popular in the business world.

What is business software?

Business software is also commonly referred to as business application software. It is a type of computer software that is generally used to meet all the requirements of a business organization and not just an individual user. This type of organization includes governments, schools, clubs, IT companies, interest-based user groups, etc.

Enterprise software is created for large organizations because it can easily support a large number of roles, users, and industries. The main goal of business software is to facilitate business operations for large organizations. An enterprise solution can handle various operations and helps companies improve their management reporting tasks and activities. It processes information at a higher speed compared to any other software. In addition, enterprise software can be deployed over various networks.

When we talk about a business or a large organization, it usually has many systems and departments in common, and for this business solution plays the role of a suite of customizable programs. In addition to this, some of the main characteristics of enterprise application software are scalability, performance, and robustness.

Enterprise solutions perform business functions such as procurement, customer information management, order fulfillment, energy management, accounting, and production planning. This type of software solution is usually hosted on servers and offers simultaneous services to multiple users.

The best technologies for enterprise software development

Let’s review some of the best technologies used for enterprise software development

Intelligent process automation

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) follows the idea that anything that can be automated in the world must be automated. IPA enables chatbots to take advantage of technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, etc. to learn and improve. It also helps smart robots evolve from the old rule – if this, then that.

Many companies have started investing in intelligent process automation technology and these are Microsoft, AWS, and KPMG.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a robust technology that provides businesses with scalability, performance, and reliability while providing a full return on investment. It enables organizations to integrate AI into the mainstream DevOps process and solve all issues related to scalability, governance and maintainability.

In addition to this, artificial intelligence aims to create algorithms that help reduce existing deep learning models without losing their effectiveness. This revolutionary technology has the capacity to bring a huge change in this modern world. Some of the companies investing in AI are Amazon, Google, Apple, and IBM.

Big data analysis

Big Data Analytics is an enterprise software development technology that has been around for quite some time. With time passing and it is becoming more and more popular, the majority of companies have started adopting it to move beyond all traditional approaches to processing and storing data.

With Big Data Analytics, new trends like X-Analytics are entering the scene and empowering software developers to find amazing solutions to challenges like disease prevention, climate change and wildlife protection. On top of that, Big Data gives market trends like business intelligence. This trend provides a framework that enables the enterprise software development team to design, model, implement, and monitor decision processes and models for better business results.

Big giants like Netflix, Amazon, Starbucks, Google, Spotify and Adobe are investing heavily in this technology.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a broad concept which means an automated and connected environment in offices, homes, vehicles, industries, factories, etc. using networks, automation technologies, on-board systems and control systems. The IoT concerns objects and objects connected on the Internet. It enables automation and faster communication.

There are various IoT-based devices, such as smart vehicles, smart home devices, and wearable technology, which are now used by people more often than before. Internet of Things is a technology that offers many different features like data driven marketing, perceptual data analysis, real time monitoring, efficient processes, device tracking, etc.

cloud computing

Cloud computing is a technology that can completely transform the face of any business in a much more lucrative and positive way. The transformation of businesses using cloud computing is such that it would be difficult to perceive what technology was implemented before the cloud. Many companies are opting for this technology and it is increasing its demand with each passing day.

Cloud computing has become a big revolution in this technological world and it has swept the feet of many organizations. Now it has become an integral part of every business. And the main reason behind it is its productivity, profitability and progressiveness.

5G technology

5G is known as the next generation of cellular network and service technology. This technology should offer at least an enterprise software development technology. This

10 Gb / s uplink and 20 Gb / s downlink. And this speed makes 5G technology 40 times faster than 4G LTE technology.

5G technology has opened the doors to various new network operations, services and customer experiences for all telecom operators. In recent times, Switzerland has led the market for 5G technology, followed by the United States and South Korea. Some of the top companies investing in 5G are Intel, Huawei, Samsung, Deloitte, and Ericsson.

Machine learning

Machine learning is an amazing technology that infiltrates many types of enterprise software development technologies. It’s a technology that touches every segment of the business, from customer relationship management software to customer engagement administration. And yet, it is said that to this day we have not even scratched the surface of machine learning technology.


DevOps is a technology that bridges the gap between operations and development. It aims to combine software development and operations strengthening for communication and collaboration between teams. It’s an amazing service that offers the 5 Cs that show the technical evolution in the software development world and they are – continuous integration, continuous planning, continuous testing, continuous deployment and continuous feedback on software.

DevOps is a fast delivery and release management technology that reduces software development costs over time. In addition to this, DevOps offers various features such as improved business agility, better collaboration, increased customer satisfaction, improved development speed, better employee satisfaction and more recurring software releases.


DevSecOps is a short form for terms such as development, security, and operations. It is a technology that aims to implement security at the same speed and scale as operations and development. DevSecOps is finding a deeper way to market DevOps only through the adoption of microservices. Fundamentally, DevSecOps is a anywhere business model that enables businesses to emerge successfully.

Some of the top companies investing in DevSecOps technology are Amazon, Dell, NASA, Capgemini, and Oracle.

Human augmentation

Human Augmentation relies on other technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to improve the daily lives of human beings through intelligence. And currently, this technology is mostly used to help people with disabilities with prosthetic and bionic augmentation.

Human augmentation is also used to cure disease by experimenting with different genes. But the main difference is to bring the world of technology. Human augmentation provides tools or systems that can be used for creative functions such as processing large amounts of data. Companies like Neuralink, Samsung and Google have already started investing in this technology.


There are many popular and prominent technologies used in the development of business applications and all of them have carved out a prominent place for themselves. Here we have discussed the top 10 tech, but the list never seems to end. This shows that there are some amazing candidates out there and it will be difficult to choose just one or two for your project, but the right choice will take your system to another level. The selection should be made after comparing the technologies and seeing which technology works best in which situation.


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