What makes a good NetSuite implementation consultant?

Are you looking for a good NetSuite implementation partner?

This is a good thing because it means you already know that implementing NetSuite is unlike integrating any other software in your organization. That’s why you need the right NetSuite implementation consultant to get the most out of your NetSuite implementation.

NetSuite is a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, a go-to choice for companies looking to improve productivity, minimize delays and improve operations, if implemented correctly. Unfortunately, some companies don’t understand the importance of hiring the best NetSuite consultants who know the ins and outs of NetSuite implementation. What happens next is not very welcoming: they waste their money without getting any benefit from it. So it’s best to hire a NetSuite implementation partner who understands your unique business needs and helps you achieve those goals.

Here are some qualities of a good NetSuite implementation consultant that make the difference for you:


1. NetSuite certified with the right experience and qualifications

Who do you think can work better: a certified electrician or an electrician who has learned things himself? I hope your answer is first (unless you like to experiment!). The same goes for NetSuite consultants. A NetSuite implementation consultant with the NetSuite certification has better expertise in administration and implementation. Thus, companies see a better return on investment through effective implementation.

2. Effective understanding of budget requirements

The best NetSuite implementation consultants work within budget, aiming to deliver the best return on investment by increasing productivity and operational efficiency. They would understand your budget and only suggest the required modules and add-ons, ensuring business scalability without breaking the bank.

3. Provide proper training

Remember that the end users of the NetSuite implementation are your employees. The purpose of implementing NetSuite will go down the drain if your employees don’t know how to use it properly. That’s why proper training is essential for employees, no matter how well your NetSuite implementation partner has deployed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). And your ERP consultant should understand that! A good NetSuite consultant must allow employees to use and switch perfectly to NetSuite ERP, so that they do not revert to the old legacy system.

4. Avoid unnecessary customizations

NetSuite customization is important to align ERP to unique business needs. However, unnecessary customizations can destroy the purpose of the implementation rather than doing any good. So, a NetSuite consultant should know how useful customization is for the organization and stick with it.

5. Understand your industry

A NetSuite partner may have many positive reviews and references, but they might not be good for you if they haven’t worked in your industry. Ask them what their unique skills are, how many industries they’ve served, and have they worked on a product like yours. It is best to select a NetSuite implementation partner with experience in your industry. This will save you time, the ability to go out of budget, and create havoc.

6. Ongoing Support

Implementing NetSuite doesn’t mean you’re done forever. You might need future customization, a new feature, a technical problem fix, or ongoing system monitoring. That’s why your selected NetSuite consultant should be prepared to provide ongoing technical support to keep your system running smoothly.

7. Stay involved

Implementing NetSuite is not a matter of days. It takes time, requires crucial decision-making and the establishment of processes. So, a good NetSuite partner should keep you informed throughout the process, resolve issues, and guide you to make the best decisions.

8. Respect of deadlines

“Time is money” is true here, because every passing moment costs you money. A dedicated and sincere NetSuite implementation partner is aware of this fact. They meet deadlines throughout the process and ensure that each phase of implementation meets deadlines. This saves you money and increases return on investment by improving your business management and operational efficiency.

9. Alignment with business objectives

It is important to understand your business processes and operations. But it’s equally important to know the business goals and align the implementation process around them. Without understanding the goals, it is impossible to meet the needs and implementation requirements of NetSuite.


Moving your business operations and management to the cloud-based ERP system is the best decision for your organization’s efficiency and business growth. However, this decision can turn into the worst decision by selecting the wrong ERP implementation partner. Whether NetSuite helps your business grow or fail depends on your selection of the NetSuite Consultant. So be sure to choose the right partner for a hassle-free experience and perfect results.

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